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    Howdy from Texas!

    Saturday was the 2013 Annual CEC Workshop on Electrochemistry UT. Talks covered water electrolysis, photoelectrochemical studies, energy storage, potential dependent/driven catch and release reactions, and redefining what is really known about "well-known" mechanism.

    Giving the talks there where some new and familiar faces. One in particular was Dr. Farmer's former postdoctoral advisor al the way from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris - Dr. Christian Amatore.

    Some peeople never change. From Dr. Farmer's researcher's, it was nice to finally meet you Dr. Amatore!


    Fresh look, new members, 

    Exciting things happening. Check out the member's page to see new additions to the lab group. Formally, Jenny has joined our lab group while lab group member Long Dao is now working in a collaboration with Dr. Karen Newell's lab at Scott & White in Temple, TX.


    Summer Happenings

    Congratulations to Azaan Ramani! (right) Awarded for his achievement to participate in Baylor's Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Program, URSA.    

    We will also be hosting a new highschool student for the High School Student Research Program, HSSRP.


    CrystEngComm Publication


    White Elephant Gift Exchange!

    The annual white elephant gift exchange was a success with many gifts essential for graduate student survival; just to name a few a white board markers & eraser, soap & deoderant, and everything needed to make a pizza were given and received!