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    Advanced Instrumentation Workshop

    This year’s AIW was very successful, we provided 37 workshops (92 hours worth!) to 47 students and 11 mentors from 14 schools.  This year our grad students updated photos to Twitter (https://twitter.com/search?q=%23AIWBaylor2017&src=typd&lang=en)… Here’s a picture of Santiago Toledo from Saint Andrews University in Austin w/ the Bruker EPR we used.


    Pub update

    haven't been attentive to this webpage... need to acknowledge Ravi Kumar's new pub in HOT area of S-biology

    “Chemical trapping and characterization of small oxoacids of sulfur (SOS) generated in aqueous oxidations of H2S” in Redox Biol. 2017



    • Small oxoacids of sulfur (SOS) are generated in the biomimetic oxidations of H2S
    • SOS were trapped and characterized using LC-HRMS
    • Unique sulfenyl and sulfinyl tautomers for each SOS were identified
    • Heme globins and cobalamin react with H2S to generate SOS
    • SOS should be considered in the observed biological action of H2S

    Alumni sighting! Chad Immoos and Mike Cohen


    Death cab for HNO

    HNO appears to play a prominent role in a Japanese anime!!


    Ravi got a publication for Christmas!

    Trapping Reactions of the Sulfenyl and Sulfinyl Tautomers of Sulfenic Acids, is now available on the ACS Chemical Biology website.  The DOI assigned to this article is 10.1021/acschembio.6b00980, to view   click on the ACS Articles on Request link below: