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    Advanced Instrument Workshop

    Baylor University
    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Advanced Instrumentation Workshop
    Friday, Sept. 30, & Saturday, October 1, 2011


    Tentative Schedule

    Friday, September 30

    3 pm - Welcome Reception/tours
    4:00-7:00 pm - Instrumentation Session I
    7:30 pm Dinner
    (Evening accomodations provided)

    Saturday, October 1

    9:00-12:00 am - Instrumentation Session 2
    12:00-1:00 pm - Lunch
    1-4 pm - Instrumentation Session 3


    PNAS in press

    Congrats to Ravi and Adrian on their paper in press,  "Nitrosyl hydride (HNO) replaces dioxygen in nitroxygenase activity of manganese quercetin dioxygenase"


    ICBIC XV in Vancouver

    Prof. Farmer presented a talk on "HNO as an O2 analogue: turnover in non-heme oxygenase with incorporation of NO into product"


    Stone Symposium in Bioinorganic Chemistry

    Thanks to Elky, Ravi, Adrian, Adam, Carrie, Tara and all the others that helped with the Stone Symposium last week.  We had a great two days of seminars, from the SOD/ALS connection to tagging proteins with  dirhodium catalysts!  Of course, Ravi's new nitroxygenase reactions were well recieved--


    NSF Grant Funded!!

    Recieved word that our NSF proposal entitled "Heme Protein Catalysis and the Biocoordination Chemistry of HNO" will be funded! Congrats to Ravi, Elky, Adrian, and Tara for the great work you put in on this- PJF