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    Stone Symposium in Bioinorganic Chemistry

    Thanks to Elky, Ravi, Adrian, Adam, Carrie, Tara and all the others that helped with the Stone Symposium last week.  We had a great two days of seminars, from the SOD/ALS connection to tagging proteins with  dirhodium catalysts!  Of course, Ravi's new nitroxygenase reactions were well recieved--


    NSF Grant Funded!!

    Recieved word that our NSF proposal entitled "Heme Protein Catalysis and the Biocoordination Chemistry of HNO" will be funded! Congrats to Ravi, Elky, Adrian, and Tara for the great work you put in on this- PJF



    Group Dinner @ Baris

    We are planning a group dinner next week, Please get to me or Pat regarding a good day to meet...All Days are up for debate except for Tuesday... Also we would like to take an updated group photo.




    Congratulations Tara on passing your seminar last night!


    Seminar on Metal Organic Frameworks

    Tomorrow afternoon Tara Clover will be presenting information on Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) covering their background and current research efforts in characterizing and utilizing certain MOF structures. A small hint below.

    The presentation will be in the BSB room E.234 at 5:45 PM, come and support Tara and learn a thing or two about MOFs while you are at it!